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We are a small family business that exists to help parents like us; Busy, Frazzled & Time Poor but want their children to learn during their free time without spending it all in front of a screen.

Being a parent has changed so much from the experience our parents had. Our lives are very busy and our children have many electronic distractions that are so tempting to use too often. CLOUDZERO makes parents lives easier. We design products that give you more time & less stress without having to worry about the safety concerns of leaving your child to learn and play independently. You will learn that our products are designed to entice your child to draw, read and play; independently, without worry and minimising the time spent tidying up. Giving you back the time & peace of mind lost in a generation while your child learns to play and learn just like you did.

How do we do this? We design products that entice children to read, play or draw independent of adult supervision, without making a mess AND to tidy up after themselves! It's a busy parents dream :) 

We have three young children. We run multiple businesses and travel a lot. For our ship to run smoothly we need our children to be independent, safe and learn while they play and learn. They were the inspiration for our first product - floating bookshelves. We were fed up with them wanting the iPad. When we did get them to the bookshelf we would return dismayed to find a mess of books all over the floor! The floating bookshelves were our way of displaying the books, storing them away without taking up much space, and of creating a system where the kids can easily and safely get books out but also put them back. Realising we were on to something we then set about designing other products that would serve other busy parents whether at home or on the road.

You will see two of our children in the display photos reading books off the shelves. Sofia is 5 she loves fairy's, unicorns and princesses! Jasper is 2 and he likes trucks, planes and dinosaurs. Our little Daisy is just a few months old.

As a family we are dedicated to providing solutions to the many challenges parents face. Our children play the roll of our guinea pigs while we as parents come up with ways to educate and amaze them while making our lives easier.

Dane & Julia Fuller

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